Wednesday, May 24, 2006

#Organic Cosmetics, Skin Care & more..

Hi All..

I am looking for some people in the natural health and wellbeing industries. Owners of health shops, natural living, herb suppliers, homeopath's, networkers etc.  We have a number of Health practitioners and natural therapist (Including me, I am a QiGong practitioner) who using these products have created an additional income stream for their business.

Or if you are interested in starting a Home based business with these products, I would also like to hear from you.

We supply Internationally (USDA, IFOAM, BAS, JAS) Certified Organic Cosmetics and Skin care, using Certified Organic Cold Formulated Herbal extracts.  The first product range of their kind in the world.  The Cosmetics and Personal Care industry said it could not be done. Guess what.. IT can BE!

We have living (These products are alive and full of natures goodness) proof that you do not need al! l these cheap/high profit toxic & synthetic chemicals to make the highest quality cosmetics and skin care.

As always, Nature does it best..

.Unrivalled Potency and Vitality .Bio-Active Cold Formulated .100% beneficial Ingredients .No Toxic Chemicals .Revolutionary Worlds First

Over 60 products..

.Cosmetics .Skin Care .Hair Care .Personal Care .Health Care .And more

In particular I am looking for people in Southern California (The Organic Capital of the world..).. Huge opportunities exist there.

Multiple business models available, from regular Retailing, to party plans and network marketing.

I look forward to hearing from you..

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You can also purchase products direct from the manufacturer by registering above as an Online Shopper.

Love, Light and Hugs all round..