Thursday, May 18, 2006

Review of latest Dior skincare: Capture R60/80

I have tested the latest Dior Capture R60/80 over the past 4 days and here's my review.

Products reviewed: Capture XR60/80 extra serum, Intense Wrinkle Night Fluid, Ultimate Wrinkle Cream (light and rich versions) and the eye cream.

For day I used the serum followed by the Ultimate Wrinkle Cream (rich version). Because my skin is quite dry these days, the cream did not feel too rich. The light version was fine too but after a long day in an ultra-heated environment, my skin could use more moisturizer. I think I would switch to the light version in the late spring and summer when my skin gets oilier.

For evening, I used the serum followed by the intense wrinkle night fluid, which is not another serum but rather a white cream in a pump bottle, then a dab of the eye cream.

The result after 4 days: my skin feels very soft and looks much smoother and clearer. Indeed, today I did not wear foun! dation and my skin looked extremely good. I don't need foundation anymore!

As for the wrinkle-diminishing effects of these products, I'm skeptical. I have fine lines and they look diminished but I think it's only because these products are excellent moisturizers that also make my skin look brighter and clearer. I don't believe all this wrinkle-minimizing nonsense.



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