Wednesday, May 17, 2006

amino acids AND creatine?

hi, i'm new to this board but i have a question. I've been lifting for over a year now and haven't really  made huge gains in the past few months. i just started taking amino acids cause i heard it helps get you cut and is good to take after workouts. Now, i'm a vegitarian (no meat whatsoever), and I know creatine can be extremely benificial. So should i take creatine and Amino acids at once, or is that harmful? i also know that you have to lift a lot for creatine to be effective, is this the same for amino acids. I have increased my workouts since taking them to about 1.5 hours+, if I  do take amino and creatine, would I have to be in the gym all day? Thanks..... Dan Khouri Hun Crew


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